Hey guys, 

So today's post is in good fun so don't be offended if you commit any of the following pet peeves. 

I asked on my personal Facebook what people's pet peeves were. To make it easier to relate to I have copied and pasted people's responses but took their names out. 

Hate when phones are on silent & people don't answer..same as you with the eating & when a driver pulls into a yellow box & holds up traffic

I hate when people challenge you to a game of football, lose once & never play you again. At least beat me once b4 you retire, sheeesh

 A lot of the guys I work with always have chewing tobacco in their mouth and I have seen some guys spit it everywhere when they're trying to talk. I HATE chewing tobacco. I think that's the most vile and disgusting habit in the world.

 Talking with mouth full of food, licking their knives, undermining others & talking like they're an authority on a subject when they're not!

  I hate smelly people on a bus! 

 People who use facebook to moan and share all their daily bad news with all n sundry .... share the daily fun / interesting / achievements instead

 I hate when people fall around laughing at their own jokes .

 People talking with food in their mouths and motorists driving in the overtaking lane on dual carriageways and motorways

 Just thought I'd mention to you there's a woman eating everything in her shopping bag on my bus. she had crisps and bread and chocolate and now bag number 2 of crisps and she's licking her fingers. Pig.

 Inconsiderate motorists (lane-jumping, speeding, tailgating etc), British weather (which 99% of the time is horrendous), people in supermarket queues who have trolleys full of food but won't let you check-out before them when you only have a pint of milk & a loaf of bread..

 Lol I hate it when people say apologise but don't actually say the word sorry x

 Biggest pet peeve has to be when people ask me 'so if you're vegetarian how do you get protein?'

So, there you have it.. what are your pet peeves? I hate when people can't reply to a text or tweet etc. It takes all of 30 seconds. I also hate people eating with their mouths open. So gross.

Have a fun day, 

Vicky xox 

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