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I created a PLL tag so please hop on and do it too. Tag me on twitter when you have done it and don't forget to credit me for the questions. I love the show too more than an obsession point haha. I asked the gorgeous Kate from SugarFixx Beauty to do this tag as I know she's obsessed with everything PLL too. 

So, this is the fifth season finale. Marlene the head writer has said there is a huge A reveal. There will be no hoody and no mask. We will definitely know who it is.

Saying that, do you think this is the big A or one of the higher A's?
One of the higher A's - we deserve it!

Who do you think it is or who do you want it to be?
I think it's Aria, I've been convinced for a long time.

So many fans on Twitter think Aria is A, di you suspect any of the liars? If so, why?
100% suspect Aria! Just some of the dialogue with Mona previously where she's alluding to something darker. Nothing overly bad happens to Aria where as the other girls have been run over, ended up in Radley etc. The whole A thing started when Aria returned from Iceland and she had ample time to set everything into motion.

The ratings for PLL are still strong but there has been a decline, fans feel like we are nowhere nearer to finding out details and not just about A. Thoughts?
I think it's natural for ratings to decline - the same thing happens to a lot of shows so I don't dwell too much. It's a huge show so it's unlikely to get cancelled. I think fans are growing impatient though. 

After the big reveal, where can the show go? What else is there to figure out? Remember the show has been renewed for two more seasons.
I think there is a lot more to tell, especially when the big reveal has been done. There's going to be repercussions and back stories to delve into for sure. 

Now we all know there are some hotties on PLL, who are your faves?
Fitz is a bit of a dish isn't he?  I always fancied Wren too.

If you could go back and change a storyline or bring a character back, who and why?
I'd bring back Mona - she was such a loss.

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