Say No To Lime Crime?

I decided to write this post after some serious consideration. I know some people will like it, some may not. I think it's important to be ALLOWED voice your opinion and especially on subjects of importance. 

For some time I have heard nothing but negative things about Lime Crime. Google it and the list and websites devoted to the problems are endless. I understand that someone as eccentric as Doe wants to have a makeup brand to reflect that character and for years I have been in love with the colours and ideas from their brand. Boy have I been brain washed haha. 

I have three makeup items from Lime Crime. A lipstick, Velvetine and a palette. I will not promote them any further on my blog or YouTube channel and I will not purchase anything else. There are many other brands who deserve the money. 

Customer service is very important and having worked in management and retail I can see why so many people are frustrated. With Lime Crime being mainly internet based and you're being called an asshole by the owner? That is just absurd. To go as far as to block followers, call them out and say you can't get in touch when they're tweeting to you? That is weird. 

I found this image on Instagram with the #BoycottLimeCrime hash tag and it makes me feel so sick. How rude and disrespectful is that?!

The latest drama for Lime Crime is the hacking/fraud cases. If you were unfortunate enough to have used a credit or debit card through Lime Crime's website then you may have had money taken from your acc. Several have said it was up to ten transactions of hundreds of dollars and some have had up to $10k taken. This has been met with ignorance from Lime Crime and they are already blocking, deleting and picking on those who are voicing their issues. Why is it so hard for them to say sorry and to rectify the issue?

A number of large YouTubers, bloggers and MUAs have voiced their decision to not shop or use Lime Crime again. 

I think everyone will appreciate the dupes above. 

Make your own opinion on this situation and do your research. Don't follow a trend. I would rather support indie brands that like to help customers and that appreciate their customers. I will not purchase anything more from Lime Crime but will finish up my products I have already. I will not post images of them on any of my social media. 

What are your thoughts?

V x
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