Top 5 Places To Photograph

This is a picture heavy post so look away now if it is not your cup of tea. I love a good day away with the camera and beautiful scenery. Some of these pictures are before I got the magical Canon 40D so yes sorry for that. 

First up we have Broadway, more specifically Broadway Tower. Have a peep at the website here.

Broadway is one of the nicest villages in the Cotwolds and I believe it is hugely popular amongst the film industry. All information here. There are so many gorgeous tea rooms and unique stores in the village itself but my favourite thing to do is the Cotswolds Way walk. I have been through the fields, woods and end up on an open road where there is a wind turbine, The walk finishes on one side at the Broadway Tower cafe which is top dollar. Their lemon drizzle cake and tea is my fave! The walk down to the village again is superb. I will say in the Summer you are going to have cattle in the fields and sometimes it may be bulls. Walk on the wild side and enjoy. 

London is a crazy city. So busy and it changes all the time. The hustle and bustle might not be for everyone but I sure love it. I don't think I could live there but I rather enjoy spending a few days there. What I love about London is that there is always so much to do. On this particular day I took the pictures, it was a tad gloomy but still special. I had lunch on benches near the London Eye, went to the London Dungeons which was amazing. Just love London.

I feel like Woodchester Mansion is a hidden treasure in the Cotswolds. It is not a million miles away from Nympsfield. You can walk from the car park through the woods or take a mini bus down. It is stunning and I mean stunning. There's so much history in that huge gorgeous building. As you walk about half a mile away there's an isolated boat house and I was obsessed with this place for months after visiting. The second picture is pointed up to the ceiling. The floors were never finished and yes I think there was a fire place obsession. If you are ever in the area, go visit this pretty special place. Visit the website here.

I really wish I photographed more of Mount Usher last year but I am making it my mission this Summer to come back. Set in Ashford, Co. Wicklow it is one of the most beautiful gardens on the East Coast of Ireland. This place has style, class and thousands of different plants/shrubs. When you walk in there is a garden centre where you can buy plants etc. You walk through to the court yard where there's a cafe and some small stores. This cafe is hard to get a seat in so booking is often required. I love how the gardens wrap around the River Vartry. It is stunning.


Wicklow is my home town. I grew up here and it is stunning. I love the sea air, beautiful scenery and all those lovely walks along the coast are just breathtaking. If you are ever in Dublin or anywhere on the East of Ireland then take a day trip to Wicklow (providing the weather is nice) and see these views for yourself. There are lovely coffee shops in the town, my favourite being Michaela's and tonnes of cutesy stores.

So that is it guys. Where do you love to go with the camera and snap away? Let me know.

Have a wonderful evening and don't forget to smile :D

V xxx
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