Bourjois 'Peach Club' Rouge Edition Velvet

Have you ever had high hopes for something and it failed? Yeah happens frequently but I try to not put so many negative reviews on my blog. This one is different. 

I recently went to Superdrug and they had an offer on Bourjois. If you spent £12 you got a free lip product. Now I have two other Rouge Edition Velvets and love one, not the other. I thought this was a really good deal so spent £12. 

I actually really like the packaging to these. They're small, vibrant and easy to store. Some of the colours are gorgeous and I have heard wonderful things. I got Peach Club because the Spring will soon be here and thought it was something definitely different in my collection. 

Oh man alive, this is bad. The product itself is a gorgeous colour in the packaging but it is much lighter in person and is super patchy. 

You can see in my swatch it is patchy and colour wise a little darker than I expected. On the lips, it is much the same. I paired it with several lip liners and it was better but nothing outstanding. 

I knew I should have gotten a lipstick but at least now I know. I will find a way to make it work which is a pity considering I love Bourjois to bits. 

These retail normally for £8.99. 

Have you tried this shade? 

Have a wonderful day and do not forget to smile :D 

V xx
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