Bourjois Colorband | Mauve Baroque

Oh I do love a new product release. On one of my previous posts I mentioned Bourjois had an offer on in Superdrug so this was one of the newer products released and I felt I *needed* it. Oh Lord haha. Welcome to the family Color Band hehe.

On my brown eyes I love greys, greens, purples and anything taupe. This swatched was so gorgeous and it sheered out nicely. These eyeshadow/liner hybrid products can be hit and miss. I have tried quite a few from the drugstore and one that works very well is from Barbara Daly (Tesco brand). Step aside Barbara, there's a new love in town. 

There is glitter to this product which some people may not like but it's not flakey or annoyingly obvious. Sometimes glitter in these kind of products can make it stiff or gritty, that is not the case. I was super impressed at the pigmentation, it is outstanding. Bourjois claim that these last 24 hours but I wouldn't be one to wear it for that long but I did wear it for 10 hours and it was still there, it didn't crease and definitely didn't get dull on the lid. I have to indulge in some more. Just make sure you have a good eye makeup remover for these, again, seriously pigmented.

Have you picked up any of these bad boys? They are available here.

Have a wonderful day and do not forget to smile :D 

V xx
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