So, when Real Techniques brought out Nics Picks, how many of you bought them? *hand up*

These are the hardest brushes to photograph because of the silver packaging. So what are my thoughts?

The duo fibre brush is one I thought I wouldn't use but I do daily. It's great to use at the end of your makeup to ensure everything is blended in nicely. A great quality brush. 

This cheek brush is fantastic. I find it to be better than the original pink handled blush brush. It's smaller in size and people may alternatively use this for powder or highlight but it sits on the cheek perfectly. I find it doesn't pick up too much product either even though it is packed full of synthetic hair. This is my second favourite brush. 

Here we have the angled shadow brush and the base shadow brush. The base shadow brush is my all time favourite RT brush. It is the perfect brush for everything on the eye lid. It's dense, yet fluffy. Works so well with shadows and blends like a dream. The angled version is a tad bigger but is a wonderful outer V brush that blends nicely into the crease and a little above. These two babies are wonderful. 

I have a few variations of eye liner brushes from RT but this is their best yet. The brush looks like nothing too crazy but it is small, packed with bristles, angled and thin. It is incredibly easy to use. I have a Sigma E05 that is good but nothing as good as this bad boy. I love it. 

I love this set. It is wonderful. All brushes are exclusive asides from the duo fibre and base shadow brush. I'm not too keen on the silver packaging but it will suffice. 

Have you picked this up yet? Available to buy here.
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