Friday, 31 July 2015


Well hello there, 

I have an exciting video to share with you guys. I got a lovely surprise from my friend in the mail. 

COLOURPOP yay!! Living in the UK, these are not available directly to the UK. I think what's preventing them from delivering here is the nature of the products as they are of a mousse type texture which could be broken easily. I could be wrong but it makes sense. 

The video has all details so please have a peep and give me some feedback.



Thursday, 16 July 2015

Homesick Survival Guide #1

Hey loves,

I've wanted to write this for the longest time. I get a lot of questions about how I'm an Irish woman in the UK and do I not miss my family? Um, YES!!

There's no real reason that the homesick feelings happens, it literally can pop out of nowhere. I have a few tips to share.

First off I would invest in Skype and Whatsapp. Tell your loved ones to do the same, no no, DEMAND they get these apps. I use Whatsapp all the time for everyone as my signal with EE can be dodgy.

Write down how you feel and look back on it a few days later and try work on your feelings. I use to feel physically sick when I got homesick and over time I learned to have a good cry and not feel ashamed by it.

Netflix and movies can really take time away. I do this more often than I admit. If I feel like I just want to pack up and go home, I'll turn on Netflix and pop PLL on. It's escaping reality yes but I forget about how shit I feel afterwards.

Treat yourself to something. Be it a chipper dinner, lipstick or a book. Do it.

I just want to mention that we all have our own ways of dealing with that homesick feeling. It's never easy and I don't think it gets easier but you learn to cope, or your version of cope. I am fortunate to have my baby sister Emer live in Cardiff and she is always a huge support on the phone. For that I cannot thank her enough.

I missed Emer and Aaron recently so I made them my lock screen. How cute.

The picture with my Mam was from last summer. So cute. My Dad visited earlier this year and this was taken when we went to see Leinster play Newport.

This is down by the Sea in my town. So beautiful.

Have a great day and cherish your family. xxx

Friday, 10 July 2015


Hey loves,

I realised the other day that I had two new Kate lipsticks by Rimmel and two I'm not sure I have mentioned on my blog before. If I have, don't judge me haha!!

I have to admit loving the packaging of these Kate lippies. Black and sleek with the signature in a different colour. The downside is not knowing which colour is which. 

So, the first picture is a lilac based pink named 35. I've wanted this one for a wee while now and now I have my new prized lippy. Then we have one of the NEW nude shades, there were four on display in Boots so I picked number 45. Just so pretty. The bottom two are kind of alike but one is more coral and one is more raspberry colour wise that is. Number 90 is a very pretty raspberry red/orange shade. I don't have anything else quite like it. I got number 110 on a whim last Summer and love that it's not straight up orange, there's a coral to it. 

left to right; 45, 90, 110 and 35

I love these lipsticks and highly recommend them. I also love the Moisture Renew line from Rimmel. 

Which shades should I try next? Let me know :D 


Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Hi beauties,

I just looked at my views and nearly 30k views in a year and a half. Wow. :D 

Well I have a cool post today about a coloured mascara. Now I know Benefit have just released their new versions of They're Real. This is probably nothing compared to those but hey let's give it a go.

Miss Sporty to me is a brand that I associate with teenagers. It's cheap and cheerful. Perfect for beginners in makeup.

I included pictures of the wand with and without a flash so you could see the difference.

So, what is this bad boy like? It is decent. Long lasting it's not but it is vibrant on the lashes. I used it both as a standalone mascara and on the tips similar to the Ciate Lashlights.

If you don't know whether or not coloured mascara would suit you but you still want to try it? Give this a go. Honestly it is all in good fun.

A definite 7/10 from me.

Have a great day in this scorching heat guys but please keep hydrated.

V xxx

Saturday, 27 June 2015


Hey loves,

So today I have a post on one of the hottest trends over the last few years, lip lacquers. Whether you like matte or gloss, these lipstick hybrids have been EVERYWHERE!

I have a few high and low end lip lacquers but love trying new ones out. I spotted these on Instagram and had to find them. I saw them in Superdrug for a bargain £3. I got Black Heart from a friend as a gift and thought it looked very purple like in the tube. I was surprised when I got home to find that it's purple based but it's very much a black on the lips.

It was quite hard to get pictures that showed the true colour of the products. They change drastically in some lights.

The next one I have is called Keep Lying For You. The names are ridiculous. This is a mauve dusty pink and my goodness it is gorgeous. It reminds me of Too Faced Liquified Lipstick in Fig only this is a lighter version.

One thing I love is the applicator, it is very ordinary but doesn't pick up too much product. These really are fool proof. On the website there are 11 shades but I really wish there was a nude of some form. Every shade is very bold and vibrant, which I love but not everyone will.

As you can see in the swatch, Black Heart has a purple base to it. Still stunning though. I absolutely love these lacquers. They dry matte, dry fast but not without giving you a few seconds to work with it. They do come off a bit with eating but it's very minimal. I often find with matte liquid lipsticks that you can get the ring of doom on the inner part of your lip but I didn't get that with these babies. I genuinely love them.

Have you tried these? Let me know what colour to get next.

Vicky xx

Friday, 26 June 2015

Kat Von D - My Beauty Icon - #HoFBeautyAmbassador

Good day beauty lovers,

Today I have a very special post because it a post for consideration to House of Fraser as they are looking for Beauty Ambassadors. This is not something I would normally enter but with my background in Journalism and sheer love for makeup, skincare and well, anything beauty related, I thought why not enter?!

When researching my old images and asking my friends who I constantly referred to for style and beauty as a young adult to now, one name popped up A LOT and that was Kat Von D. I have a couple of her tattoo books and the dream is for her to tattoo me one day (please let that happen). I have always had a rock edge to me, back in the 90's, my sister and I were grunge and even had the greasy hair.

For this look I did a very cool toned gold/grey look that I saw in some of her older pictures. I love grey on my eyes.

Here is a handy step by step guide.  At the end is a picture of all 3 lip options.
  • I primed my lids with a KIKO eye base and set that with FOXY from UD Naked 2
  • I took a mix of FRISK and COVER from the UD Naked Basics 2 and placed them gently into the crease but I didn't bring it right into the inner corner as I didn't want to close my eyes off or make them smaller. I added a small amount of TEASE to the centre of my crease and blended til my wrist hurt.
  • I then started to build out that outter half of my lid with a small amount of UNDONE and built it up whilst blending slightly to avoid any lines. I did this about 5 times.
  • I then took CHOPPER and HALF BAKED on a brush to the inner half of my lid but found they were a bit crumbly so used my ring finger instead. I think the next time I will use a creamier base for these shadows to stick to easier.
  • I applied SKIMP to my browbone and added FOXY once my brows were complete. 
  • I used a No 7 Stay Perfect eyeliner in Black on the bottom lash line and added SKIMP with some of COVER to blend it out

I used a makeup wipe to create a winged liner look from my eyeshadow as I have slightly hooded eyes, this looks better than winged liner. I curled my lashes and used Urban Decay's Perversion mascara on my top lashes with No 7's Lash Impact mascara on the bottom lashes. For my eyebrows (that I need doing, I know!) I used my L'oreal Brow Artist in Dark Brunette to fill in the sparse areas and then took the lightest two shades from my Collection Brow Kit to define and fill in the front of my brows.

I was trying out a new foundation but Estee Lauder's Double Wear doesn't sit very well on my skin so I changed it to my L'oreal Infallible Matte foundation in Vanilla.
  • I added some of the Garnier Anti Dark Circle Roll On to my under eye area and my lower cheek area as I have dark spots.
  • I sometimes find a Beauty Blender works best with this foundation and it won't cake up. So that is what I did.
  • I never tend to highlight with concealer too much but today I felt it was necessary as I have quite the break out on my little face. I used my Seventeen Stay Time Concealer in Extra Fair for this step. It blends out like a dream.

My favourite part of any day is putting lipstick on. Oh it is like Christmas. What colour to use, do we line the lips? Today I used three different options as Kat always changes it up. Kat seems to have two colours she constantly changes between, a red and a peachy nude. I used her lipstick in Wonderchilde to show it off. I love that she's not afraid of colour and can be simple with neutrals too.


Putting on lipstick is pretty self explanatory. I have to say I love all my options. 


I love highlighting and contouring but Kat always has a subtle contour and a more prominent highlight. I used Benefit's Hoola to chisel the face slightly, I then swept Sleek's Rose Gold on the apple of my cheeks and pulled back toward my ear. I like to use a powder to set under my eyes before highlight so I used Maybelline's The Matte Maker which is something I'm still testing out. For the highlight I had to be a tad more golden so TopShop's Crescent Moon was perfect for this. It does have some shimmer but nothing insane. So gorgeous.

This post is special as I am throwing myself into the competition pool for the #HoFBeautyAmbassador where House of Fraser are looking for someone to blog about all things beauty for them and in return you get samples, exclusives, event invitations and £1000 worth of makeup spread over the four quarters of a year. I mean WOW! I work in HoF so I am always down at the counters on my break making sure I'm not missing anything new coming in. I have my eyes set on the new Benefit liners coming this week. Hehe.

Make sure you check out the HoF website as they have their Big Brand sale at the moment and there are some great bargains to be had, click here. I bought my Benefit and Urban Decay products from the website and got tonnes of points on my Recogniton Card, I also got a pump for my NARS foundation there too. 

Please let me know your thoughts. 

Have a great day and keep your fingers crossed for me. 

V xoxox

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Ciate LashLights 'Famous'

Hey there,

So, I finally got my hands on one of the Ciate Lash Lights. Yay!!

The packaging is even adorable. Excuse my nails in a picture below. I was away and didn't redo them.

The idea of these bad boys is to brighten the tip of your lashes. The wand is very flat and holds a good amount of product.

What Ciate say 'Award Winning British Nail brand Ciaté bring their innovative approach into the world of colour cosmetics with their LashLights™ luminous lash-tip colour. Creating a colour pop, Ciaté London’s six highly pigmented and vivid LashLights™ shades will add a burst of colour to lashes at the simple slick of the easy-to-use, retro lash comb. Simply pat the LashLight™ formula onto the tip of your lashes over black mascara and comb through for a bold and striking look. Alternatively get playful with the colours and try layering multiple LashLight shades to lashes for an ombré finish. Unlike classic coloured mascaras, LashLights provide the volume and density of a classic mascara as thanks to the air whipped FlutterFOAM™ technology which delivers lash plumping, crumble-free colour with a feather light finish. Eyes are left brightened and widened and lashes are left with volume, fullness and definition.' 

I agree that it plumps the lash and definitely gives it more of a curl. I love the fun fact to this product. It doesn't take itself too seriously.  They retail for £14 here which I think is a little expensive. It may last a long time on the lashes but not all day. I don't think I would repurchase this.

Have you tried these?

Saturday, 30 May 2015


Hey guys, 

So today's post is in good fun so don't be offended if you commit any of the following pet peeves. 

I asked on my personal Facebook what people's pet peeves were. To make it easier to relate to I have copied and pasted people's responses but took their names out. 

Hate when phones are on silent & people don't answer..same as you with the eating & when a driver pulls into a yellow box & holds up traffic

I hate when people challenge you to a game of football, lose once & never play you again. At least beat me once b4 you retire, sheeesh

 A lot of the guys I work with always have chewing tobacco in their mouth and I have seen some guys spit it everywhere when they're trying to talk. I HATE chewing tobacco. I think that's the most vile and disgusting habit in the world.

 Talking with mouth full of food, licking their knives, undermining others & talking like they're an authority on a subject when they're not!

  I hate smelly people on a bus! 

 People who use facebook to moan and share all their daily bad news with all n sundry .... share the daily fun / interesting / achievements instead

 I hate when people fall around laughing at their own jokes .

 People talking with food in their mouths and motorists driving in the overtaking lane on dual carriageways and motorways

 Just thought I'd mention to you there's a woman eating everything in her shopping bag on my bus. she had crisps and bread and chocolate and now bag number 2 of crisps and she's licking her fingers. Pig.

 Inconsiderate motorists (lane-jumping, speeding, tailgating etc), British weather (which 99% of the time is horrendous), people in supermarket queues who have trolleys full of food but won't let you check-out before them when you only have a pint of milk & a loaf of bread..

 Lol I hate it when people say apologise but don't actually say the word sorry x

 Biggest pet peeve has to be when people ask me 'so if you're vegetarian how do you get protein?'

So, there you have it.. what are your pet peeves? I hate when people can't reply to a text or tweet etc. It takes all of 30 seconds. I also hate people eating with their mouths open. So gross.

Have a fun day, 

Vicky xox 

Wednesday, 13 May 2015


Hey loves, 

Well some may say I am glutton for punishment but here we are with an other Tanya Burr gloss. 

 Excuse my poor excuse for nail varnish haha. I was on holidays in Cornwall and the effort to re-apply polish was not there. I find the packaging for these to be cheap and boring but I'm sure the tween population love it. 

There's something oddly shite about the packaging as a whole really BUT we are here for the product *repeats over and over*

The applicator is fantastic because it covers a lot of the lip area with a few swipes. It doesn't pick up too little or too much product either. Some people rave about the scent but I find it mildly overpowering and that isn't cool. I think these retail for £5.99 but I got this for £2.99 in TK Maxx in Truro, Cornwall. 

I bought this shade in 'Heart Skipped A Beat' (how sickly sweet) because to me it was going to be a red gloss. At that time I had on my Sephora Cream Lip Stain on and wanted a gloss to go over top sometimes as it is very matte. I was so saddened that the gloss is more pink than red and has a lot of shimmer in it. Having worn it a few times I doubt I'll wear it again as it was rubbish on the lips and was the stickiest gloss ever or should I say gloop.

This is the Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 01. 

Sorry to be a negative nancy but we can't all like the same products and I really am not prepared to say I like a product because a 'famous' (I say that loosely) YouTuber created it.

My previous Tanya Burr video.

Have a great day haha. 

Vicky. xx

Tuesday, 5 May 2015


Hey loves, 

Well today is an exciting post. Do you have certain lipsticks you were out to a night time event or clubbing? Here are my Top 5 for those occasions. This is a collab with my lovely friend Katie Meehan.

So if you have an eagle eye then you will notice there are actually 6 lip options. Let me explain. 

I did use two lip liners with these looks. I'll get to those in a moment. 

I am a huge fan of MAC Heroine because it looks so different on everyone. If I pair it with my Rimmel eyeliner in Aubergine it deepens the purple. 

I also use Rimmel's Aubergine as a lip liner with Makeup Revolution's Depraved lipstick to give it a purple-grey look. I love this with a smokey grey look as it is so so different. 

I need to invest in more of the Too Faced Melted lippies as I love this one in Violet. It can be sheered out as a nice purple - pink or amped up to be a gorgeous purple. These last ages on the lips and are so comfy. 

I rocked my MAC Rebel a lot in the Winter and wanted something similiar but not as deep. This Wet N Wild lipstick in Sugar Plum Fairy is just that. Deep and sultry but not too vampy. I love the semi matte finish too. It does stain the lips so it fades nicely. 

Finally, my fave red lip shade. This Sephora Cream Lip Stain is a force to be reckoned with. It's not too cool toned and not too warm, the perfect red for my skin tone. It stays put for hours and never fades with patches and I never EVER get the white ring of doom on the inner lip that some of these matte lip creams can leave. Just amazing. 

Top to bottom: Too Faced, Makeup Revolution, Wet N Wild, Sephora, MAC and Kardashian Beauty mixed with MAC. 

My honourable mention is my fave nude lip mix. MAC Brave with the Kardashian Beauty duo in Au Natural. Just amazingly gorgeous. 

Please check out Katie's lovely blog and give her a follow. She is witty and so honest, I love it. 

What are you fave lippies for events or night time?

Vicky xox

Sunday, 3 May 2015


Good Afternoon, 

Now I am not an expert at these 'look book' posts so please bare with me. Time was not on my side this week and I didn't have that handy of an assistant.

This post is in collab with my lovely friend Tania. I will leave more info at the end of the post :D 

My playsuit is from H by Henry Holland which is available in Debenhams. My tassle leather jacket is from Primark and it's about 2 years old. My bag is from Primark too and was a bargain at £5. My sunglasses were bought in Bilbao last Summer. 

I love this outfit for evening/night time in the Spring/Summer and you can really jazz it up with booties or heels. I have flats on that are plain black. 

The tassle jacket makes a return haha. This little jacket is the perfect day/night jacket. When I'm out in the day time I try be as casual as I can. If I need to be somewhere fancy then I can put something else together but to explore the Cornish beaches I will be comfy. 

My skinny jeans are from GAP, they're ankle grazers that I picked up by mistake but they'll do. I try to only buy GAP jeans because they suit my leg shape best but because I'm tall they have great length. I have a long vest underneath my t-shirt that's from New Look and my CARDIFF t-shirt was a random purchase last Summer but I love it. I am huge Cardiff person. 

Again, my sunnies were mentioned above. I adore my little pumps from Primark, so so cute and comfortable. Can you see a theme? I like to be comfortable. I don't tend to like my hair up in a ponytail or anything but the wind on the beach was something else, haha. 

I will post a night time outfit post during the week for the Spring/Summer. Also, check out my day to night Spring/Summer look on my YouTube please.

Check out Tania's info below and give her some love ;)

Tania's Info:

Have a fun day, 
V xox