Wednesday, 31 December 2014


I think I have a slight obsession with pink nude lipsticks. Uh oh. 

For Christmas I received MAC's Brave from James' family. It has been on my list for some time. 

MAC describe this as a pink beige nude with white pearl. I don't see the pearl part but it is a pink nude. Does the satin finish mean it's pearl? No way. 


It is a gorgeous colour. What I love about satin finishes is how comfortable they are. The pigmentation is also very good and they last hours. They almost stain the lips which isn't a bad thing. 

I think this is my third satin MAC lipstick. Soon,they'll overtake my matte ones.. or not. I will definitely wear Brave a lot. It is a very your-lips-but-better shade and oh so natural. OH I LOVE IT!!

Have you tried this shade? I love to team it with Natural Collection lip liner in Cinnamon or Ruby Rose.


Friday, 26 December 2014


On the High Street/Drugstore, I have noticed a tonne of brands doing a free gift with purchase. Want to see my favourite one?

In Boots when you buy TWO products you get a free gift which is this little treat. Oh I love it. I am a fan of No 7 but never seem to gravitate towards their counters due to pushy staff. 

I bought two products, obviously, which I will share later this week. I am trying to break out of my comfort zone with the products YAY!

You get a travel size of the Youthful Eye Serum, which I am pumped to try. I am always eager to keep my eye area well looked after. Another product was the Lash Impact mascara. Can we just look at the red packaging? Wow so cute. I used this today (Mon) and loved it. 

The single shadow is a beautiful olive brown shade with a slight shimmer that leans more satin. There is no shade name on this which sucks. The last and final product is a lip gloss. I am quite disappointed with this but yet I do like it. The gloss is mediocre to say it is 'high shine' and whilst the pigmentation is good, it is dry to apply. It took too long to apply. 

What a shitty swatch picture, sorry. All in all it is a good GWP and would highly recommend No 7. 

Have you tried these products? Let me know.


Monday, 22 December 2014

bareMinerals Eyeshadow Duo | Honeymoon Phase

Who else loves a TK Maxx bargain? Meeee!!

I was casually browsing my local TK Maxx in Cheltenham the other day and stumbled upon a few bareMinerals goodies. A tonne of the products were broken or had finger marks in them but I found one duo (that I actually wanted) and it was in prestine condition, thankfully.

That's the chance you take with TK Maxx, people always want to dip their dirty claws in.

This duo is called 'The Honeymoon Phase' and it totally suits its name. It has a beautiful not pale, not baby, pink shade with this very cool toned grey that looks like it has way more shimmer than it does, honestly.

I have a bareMinerals quad already and I am in love with it. The formulation of the shadows is spot on, not too creamy but not firm. You get pigmentation galore with the majority of shadows too.

The name Honeymoon Phase is super appropriate, these are two colours you would wear on a wedding day BUT I just love grey and pink shadows regardless. I cannot wait to use them in a video and show you how special they are. Easy to blend and super cute, what more do you need?

Have you tried anything from bareMinerals? Let me know. I have really loved this brand this year and cannot wait to keep trying more products.


Saturday, 20 December 2014


Want some thoughts on a very talked about lip product?! 

So, I have heard so much about these Provocalips from Rimmel. They have been all over instagram, blogs and YouTube. 

So, this is a two in one product. You apply the first layer which is a lipstick, let it dry and coat it with a clear gloss sealant.

So Rimmel claim this is '16 hours of kiss proof colour. 1 intense colour 2 lock and shine – light weight, flexible and transfer proof'.

My thoughts are that this is a hit and miss product. I bought the shade 'Little Minx' as I love a nice bright pink lip. I found the lip colour side to be quite thick and nearly gloopy. It was a tad patchy when applying. It took about 3 minutes to fully dry and when I applied the clear gloss it was still wet in some parts. 

I decided to test it out on a long day in work. I noticed after about 3 hours that there were patches of product clumping on my lips, more so in the corners. I didn't do anything barr take those away. It looked gross. After another 2/3 hours I noticed there were serious patches, it wasn't dry it was feathered product. What was worse, the product appeared to be fading. 

All in all, I don't love this product. It didn't last past 7 hours on my lips and from the first few hours I really felt it pulling and gathering in places. I feel like I could get a better lip product for £6.99.

Have you tried these? 


Wednesday, 17 December 2014


So, I have a new obsession.. read on.

I have heard so many great things about KIKO and never purchased anything. I went into one of their stores in San Sebastian, Bilbao and still didn't buy anything. Cyber Monday I bit the bullet.

I did a haul post which is below this so you can see the goodies. I was so excited about these eye shadows. I'm not sure if these were out before or after the NARS Dual Intensity shadows but they get compared to them a lot. 

Just look. Oh man so so pretty. I did not want to touch these and ruin them haha. Too pretty. 

219 is a gorgeous peach, pink shimmer but it's not overly shimmery. It would be a NARS Orgasm for the eyes only darker and more peachy. The swatches are dry swatches but they can be used wet to give a more metallic vibe. I was weary it wouldn't suit my skin tone because I am fair but it looks amazing especially with some black liner and a cool toned crease. 

203 is a burgundy brown colour that has a slight sheen to it but it's not obvious on the lid. The camera has done it no justice because on the lid, I am in love with it. It's dark but doesn't veer to the brown side to make it dull. It is very comparable to the Pantone 2015 colour, Marsala. 

I was quite pleased that they weren't chunky and that they did indeed blend nicely. I used both of them one night as an ombre effect and both wet, WOW oh wow. So stunning. I have yet to try them without a primer but I use the KIKO Pearl Eye Base which is perfect. 

They are on sale for £4.90 at the moment from the website, click here. Which is a steal. The shipment comes from Milan but it super fast and you can follow it through UPS. 

Go get them people!! Xox 

Monday, 8 December 2014


KIKO have been on my make-up list for a while. Want to see what I ordered?

I took advantage of KIKO's Cyber Monday offers last week. I can't remember my discount prices but they were very good indeed. I've heard so many good things about this brand so I'm excited to test these out. 

I didn't go too crazy but I definitely got enough. I got two of the water eye shadows which look AMAZING! I got an eye shadow primer too but a brightening one. The nail varnish is a taupey brown and totally up my alley. I also wanted to try their gel eye liner. 

Look at those goodies. The parcel came from Italy but was super quick. I think it took 4 days in total including a weekend so 6 days really. 

Look out for reviews ASAP! Woohoo. 

Also, I have a kitten post coming tomorrow as a tonne of you have been asking about Millie and how I adopted her. 

Have you tried KIKO? What should I try next?

V xox