NUXE Lip Saviour?!

Want to know what's solved all my lip problems? 

I am a huge lip balm hoarder. There are many in my collection and I always seem to buy more and more. Just recently, well about three months ago, my lips started to crack more often and the warm weather dried them out so so much. Why sun why?!? Damn it. 

I had heard about NUXE, By Terry and Dior having these amazing lip products and thought no way. Why would you spend over £5 on a lip balm. Ladies and Gents, I hang my head in shame because I caved. 

This NUXE balm isn't the highest priced product out there but at £9.50 it's still over the drug store budget. I really had heard wonderful things about it so it was mine, all mineeeee!! 

I have been using this for a little while now and can tell the difference so far. My lips aren't as dry, dehydrated or chapped any more they're smoother and feel so nourished. I honestly feel weird typing all that. It's lips we're talking about but anyway! It has a thick mousse type texture to it that is different. 

Would I recommend this to you guys? Yes. It trumps (not literally) all over my other balms. Well worth the hype, money and definitely something I would repurchase over and over. I also love the almost lemon scent to it. 

Have you tried this yet?

PS - An alternative that is not the same texture but is helpful to suffering lips is anything from Carmex. They don't last as long on the lips but do the job on a budget. 
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