Kylie Jenner Lip Post ALERT!!

Has the Kylie craze on the lips stopped? No but this review shows one of the few lipsticks she does wear. 

I don't mind a nude lip. I don't think Kylie Jenner started the craze for nude lips, I think she started the lip liner craze again. Whilst I myself haven't followed the trend itself, I have noted down some of the liners and lipstick recommendations from people. See as a fair skinned lady I need to be a brown nude or pink nude kinda gal. 

So, thanks Kyles, I think ;)

Twig is a satin finish so it slightly stains the lips. It also stays put for HOURS. I have one more satin in the shade Rebel and I am a huge convert to this finish now. (Brave will be mine soon)

With my colouring I am more suited to brown/pink nudes and not the beige kind. Beige nudes make me look paler than what I am and a little poorly. What I love about Twig is how it has that slight pink to it. Just beaut!! 

Just look at that swatch. Pretty pretty. I have pretty much worn this for the last two weeks solid, daily. Even in work haha. It is smooth on the lips, lasts hours and looks very very beautiful. I do think this is a very universal colour and would suit most people. It might look way darker on pale folk. 

Have you tried any of the Kylie shades? 

PS - Maybelline's Touch of Spice is a near dupe.  

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