Got Oily Skin?!!

Hey beauties,

So, let me just start with this 'I AM AN OILY/DRY SKINNED LADY AND I HATE IT'. What's your skin type?

I bloody hate being oily, it drives me insane. Now I know there are bigger problems in the world but my mountain everyday is the shine on my t-zone haha.

I decided to inform you friendly bunch about the products I think *HELP* combat the shine or the oil on zee face. As far as having a morning routine I have another post next week for that. These products are more night time appropriate.

I always make sure to use my Garnier Moisture Match for Oily/Combo skin at night almost immediately after taking my make-up off. I don't use it every single night. It is not the lightest of creams but it definitely soothes the skin. The reason I use it t night as it needs time to settle into the skin.

Vichy Idealia cream is so amazing yet so not talked about. I, again, use it at night because has an illuminating factor to it that I think needs time to sink into the skin. It can help you also if you are dry. It will give you a dewier appearance. This feels so nice on the skin and when I wake up in the morning (not feeling like P Diddy) I feel like my skin is super soft.

When it comes to face primers nothing really helps too much BUT I have pores the size of a football and need some help. The Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro works wonderful with my YSL Fusion Ink foundation and also my Smashbox Studio Skin. It helps keep the matte look longer. It smells like crap but works well. The Maybelline Baby Skin is more of a summer primer for me but when I want to wear less make-up I use this and it works great. It's not as greasy or heavy feeling as the Benefit POREfessional.

Do I use too much on my skin? Maybe. Every other day I will spray Urban Decay's De-Slick on the lovely made up face of mine. It does help keep my foundation on a tad longer but it's not a necessary step. If you are oily this will work better for you than anything else out there.

So I hope this was helpful. I do have more products but all those talked about have worked and have worked for months.

Victoria xox

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