Essence 'METAL GLAM' Eyeshadow

Well hello there,

Today I bring you a lovely post on something a bit different. I have been a fan of Essence for years. The brand has been available in Ireland for quite some time. I love seeing it on sale here in the UK so check out your local Wilkos.

I have one of these eye shadows already in 'Chocolate Jewellery' and love it. It's a beautiful warm, deep brown shimmer. I saw this and fell in love. It's a blue/teal and very shimmery. 

As you can tell by the 'metal glam' name, these can be used wet or dry. They really are something special and so so affordable. The only issue for me is the over spray, it is a lot. As you can see it is a bright colour that not just anyone can pull off. I think it works well as a pop of colour on the lower lash line or as a centre of the lid colour. 

Once you get past the over spray the colour still has some reflective silver glitter which is gorgeous. These bright shadows make a pop of colour so easy and pretty. I use a primer or white eye pencil to really make sure the colour sticks down and that way you get the best result and longevity.

I will use this in a look on my YouTube channel very soon, subscribe here.

Have you tried Essence yet? Let me know lovelies.

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