Mary Kay WHITE Gel Liner

Good evening ladies,

Well I have a very exciting post today. I have for so long been on the hunt for a white gel liner. I saw Shaaanxo and Chloe Morello both use white liner in tutorials and well I fell in love. As you can see I found one and it is a good one. 

The packaging on this Mary Kay product is so cute and girly. The blue lid and the small brush, just adorable. 

So, as you can it is EXTREMELY pigmented. So pigmented. I do have a look for my YouTube coming this weekend. I show you two different ways to wear it. Yay!!

So back to the product. It is very much my favourite product this year so far. I mean that can definitely change depending on my mood but asides from my BareMinerals quad (review here) my purchases this year have been very normal. 

It is a thick gel liner but feels lightweight. Whilst on the eyelids depending on the shadow you have on, it might need a second coat. It doesn't say it's waterproof but it does not budge. The brush that comes with this baby is quite good. It's not too soft where the product will sink into it, there is a firm element there. It is a tad thicker than your normal liner brush.

To avoid the product drying up I store it upside down. If you are into your eye make-up and love to mix it up then this is the product for you. 

It's available through Mary Kay's website right here or from me as I am now a Mary Kay consultant. I did buy this with my own money and all thoughts are my own. I don't get paid or given anything to compliment the brand. 

Victoria x
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