Makeup Revolution 'The Matte Effect' Foundation

Hey guys,

So, I kind of placed some online orders recently with payday and all that jazz. I haven't heard many people talk about this foundation and I really wanted to try one from Makeup Revolution so here we have it, a review.

I got the shade 'Cool Ivory' as it seemed to be more yellow based which works well on my pink/yellow skin. For me being both undertones and neutral it is a struggle with colour shading. I do tend to stick to Bourjois or higher end foundation but if I can find a high street one I will always stick with it.

The colour match is great albeit a tad dark on some areas but nothing too insane. I use a Smashbox oil free primer and it glides over it, leaving no patches. The problem with this foundation is how runny it is and very very lightweight. I hardly noticed one layer on my skin and when I put a second layer down, in some parts it separated.

I do think this is more suitable to days when you want very little coverage or it can act as a base similar to that of a tinted moisturiser. The big disappointment for me was the 16 hour long wear statement, it just didn't do that at all. Any foundation that claims to be that long lasting, cannot be that thin in texture. Sorry.

I won't recommend this product to you guys. It is not matte on my skin, personally. It didn't last longer than 4 hours. I love the brand but I can't pretend to like a product for that reason alone.

Have you tried this yet?

Victoria xox
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