Blog Love #1

Hello hello,

I really felt this post was necessary. I see them done all the time and always want to share the love. I'm going to choose 3 today and maybe do one of these posts a month.

Kate has become a very close friend to me. I absolutely adore her and I really wished she lived nearer to me. Kate is an Aussie (awesome accent) and she just rules. I love how different her blog is to everyone other blog out there. I love the Macabre Monday posts where Kate posts about horror movies and all things horror. There's a great mix of lifestyle, fashion and beauty on her blog. Go check her out right here, right now.

Next up is Shannon. I adore this girl. We have the funniest text conversations about usually nothing. When I started blogging I remember Shannon being so kind with advice. I really appreciated that. Shannon's blog has mainly beauty and skin care reviews/hauls but recently she has branched into the cooking world. Honestly, the way Shannon photographs the foods makes me hungry, instantly. Damn it. I read her blog as if she were right beside me chatting away, same as Kate. I love the friendly style of writing. Go show Shannon some love here. You won't regret it.

Everyday I read Gemma's blog. It is on my favourites list. What I like about Gemma's blog is the huge pictures and to the point reviews. Even if Gemma is reviewing something she didn't like, there's a positive in the post too. Again, when I first started blogging Gemma was ever so kind to me and I appreciate that. Top lass and great blog. Click here to view her amazing blog.

Next month I will feature some more girlies, maybe 5. There are so many.

Who do you read religiously? Let me know.

V xox

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