Twister Ice-Cream Float

Well hello there,

I am back in the UK, yay! I have a tonne of reviews, look books and general posts coming at you. Today I thought I would post up my favourite cold dessert for this warm weather.

When I was younger we use to always beg for ice-cream in a pint glass with fizzy orange poured over it. Oh my Lord it is divine. I now use Twisters, the ice lollies or raspberry ripple ice-cream. YUM!!

I buy the small mini Twisters and this orange drink is actually Irish but you can get it in Morrisons. Feel free to use your own preferred ice-cream or brands.

I love this dessert or refresher. It really cools you down. You could go for a third Twister in the pint glass but again, your choice. It tastes so good and of course is not healthy but hey it's ok.

Have you any weird dessert recipes? Let me know.

V xox
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