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Hey beauties,

I have installment number three of my MUA Focus. I first spoke to Liza last year when I looking to attend the S/W Meetup. I was nervous to even ask if I could attend but she made me feel very much like a friend. I truly appreciated her kindness and I think her positive outlook on life is to be admired.

What made you start a blog?
I began blogging because many friends would ask me for make-up tips and tricks all the time, I thought having my own space to share these tips and tricks would answer alot of questions and I liked the thought of being able to get creative and share my thoughts with everyone.

Do you have 3 blogs you have to read per day or week?
I read lots of blogs but the top three I always come back to are; I just adore Alex's photography and I love reading about her son Ethan and hearing about his milestones as he is just a month or so younger than Vinny, I have many favourite mummy blogs but that along with Oh So Amelia is my favourite. I also love Belles Boutique, it was one of the first blogs I found and adored and lastly I always love to check out Anna Sacconnes along from her YouTube channel.

If you had to do anyone's makeup. who and why?
I'd love to do Mollie Kings make-up because she is a total babe and I think we'd really get on. 

When it comes to your blog, what would you like to progress with or add on?
I'd like to become more consistent with posts, although I post quite often since going back to work I have found time management a lot harder so I need to tackle that this year. I'd also like to get my second blog Glambambini to the same level as Glambeautys and post just as often on both.
You've done some blog and YouTube work with Crownbrush, have they given you any advice?
I visited Crownbrush this month to be a guest on their YouTube channel, I got to have a good chinwag with Zoe Newlove head of social media and make-up artistry we had a lovely time but it was more of a casual visit rather than work it just felt like I was with friends if you know what I mean?

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I just love spending time with my family creating wonderful memories, I adore photography it's great to capture those precious moments with my son and husband. 

With your beauty videos and vlogs getting more and more views, can you recommend a camera and lighting system?
I use my canon 600d for filming and I have just invested in a ring light, before that I used two softbox lights which worked really well and I got them for about £55 total off eBay so not too pricey. If you don't have a huge budget then natural light is your best friend, sit in front of a window and film away. 
Is there a particular key to your success online? In your opinion? 
I wouldn't say I'm a huge success but most of my viewers/readers have come from social media, if I didn't have that I think it would have been very hard to get my blog out there.
Name 5 of your favourite BEAUTY gurus and 3 of your fave LIFESTYLE/Random YouTubers. 
YouTube beauty guru favourites are:
Hollie Wakeham, mmandlshow, Nicole guerririo,, and carli bybel

YouTube lifestyle/random favourites are:
Carly Rowena (fitness guru), Hannah Maggs (lifestyle/mummy/beauty) and Shameless Maya she's just fabulous in everything! 

I love this series. It is so nice to get involved and interacting with fellow Bloggers. Thanks again to Liza and we'll definitely do a follow up in a few months.

Check out Liza's links above, you won't be disappointed.

V xox

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