Hey beauts,

Well I thought I would mix it up today. I usually do reviews, focus posts and the odd haul BUT wanted to get a tad personal.

Now forgive me as I can never remembers dates, years etc.

Here we go *breathes in, these are OLD pics and not all flattering haha*

So this is me as a kid. I was always a quirky dresser. My mother always told me I was quiet and kept myself to myself. I never left my parents side, I had separation anxiety. Haha.

Funny story, if my parents went out for dinner or for a few drinks, I would hate it. My cousin Janet use to babysit us and I would cry like crazy and when they left the house, I would vomit because I wanted them back. I was a nightmare. I find it hilarious telling this tale as it is so needy and just amuses me endlessly. You can't be mad at someone who in a weird way loved their parents haha.

 This haircut, OH MY WORD! I had asked for a short style and I remember giving the Head Stylist in Toni & Guy tonnes of pictures so she didn't mess my hair up and well she did. It was actually shorter than these pictures so you can imagine how short it was. I complained and got red streaks, because that was clearly what I wanted. It had grown out a bit in the far right picture.

My hair had grown a little in this picture. I went to see Tegan and Sara in London a few times during  2005. I think it was 2005. Still an awful picture but I got to meet them, I clearly was excited. Wow look at my eyebrows!!!

I didn't enlarge this picture too much as it's not great quality anyway. I had a very serious operation nearly 10 years ago. I had to have my jaw broke to correct alignment in my jaw line. I had a SERIOUS overbite as a child and teenager. I was always a quiet kid and loved my own company which probably didn't help me in the long run because I did get badly bullied in primary and more so secondary school.

My friends in college a few years ago couldn't believe I had any form of bullying because I was always so outgoing, held myself well and stood my ground, firmly. I am and always will be a shy girl though. My operation was and is still a huge deal to me. I had 2 separate holes through my elastics where straws could be placed so I could eat. My mouth was wired shut so I couldn't speak and had to sleep sitting upright.

I remember being constantly frustrated with not being able to talk and do normal things. I wanted to be personal for a change so that people who read my blog could see a different side to me. We all have a story and here is a small amount of mine.

Be happy, enjoy life and obstacles can always be overcome.

V xox
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