Friday, 21 February 2014

Revlon Neon Nail Art | Atomic Pink

Hey guys,

Hope all is well. Today I have a review for you.

I have seen these Revlon Nail Art duos on US blogs and videos and I know they came to the UK last year. After reading mediocre reviews, I wasn't eager to splash out £8 for something I might not like. Enter Poundland and for once having something I could buy from your cosmetic section.

I still cannot believe this was £1 haha. Anyway, I am all about bright, neon nails so I was excited to try this out. It looked promising from the bottle BUT my word is it a nightmare to work with. I have good nails and they're very well looked after. You apply the white first, which needed two coats as it is so watery and thin. You then go ahead with the pink over it when it's dry. This needed three coats.

I am definitely disappointed with my purchase. I didn't technically waste money as it was so cheap. The idea behind it is great but the formula of both polishes is too thin and this chipped almost immediately. Shocking.

Tut tut Revlon. Have you guys tried these?

Victoria xox

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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Giveaway! - CLOSED!

Hey guys,

I'm doing my first giveaway and decided to buy some nail products to give away. This was just a different idea to the usual giveaways.

There is an official Rafflecopter for this giveaway but the main thing is to follow my blog. FOLLOW HERE!

A gorgeous OPI polish from the Minnie Mouse range that has heart shaped glitter. A gorgeous Sally H bright pink.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hope you enjoy the prizes.

Victoria xox 

Monday, 17 February 2014

An Interview With.... Arda Ocal

Hey my loves,

Welcome to my 100th post. Today I want to share with you a short, sharp interview with one of my favourite Sports Broadcasters, Mr Arda Ocal.

Now I know some of you might not be aware of his existence and for that, SHAME ON YOU!

So here is the interview :D

So, in five words, tell me about your personality.

Outgoing with flashes of random.

Tell me your exact job title right now?
I'm a host / reporter with the Weather Network.

Do you think you will ever do Aftermath again? Given it is your creation etc. 

Probably not. That time has passed. I'm proud I pitched it and it became such a big success and that my good buddy Jimmy Korderas still gets a paycheck doing it, but I don't just want to be "The Wrestling Guy", so it's good I was able to move on and do more with my career in broadcasting.

How much of the WWE product do you watch now?
I still keep up with the product, especially NXT - I enjoy watching the amount of talent on that show.

Name your favourite moment or interview from your time there, EXCLUDING your Paul Heyman interview.
It's a three way tie between Bret Hart, Roddy Piper and Chris Jericho - all three has terrific stories, passion and fun to talk to.

Do you have any opinion on the WWE Network? Will you be buying it? Do you think it's a safe investment for the WWE?

I absolutely will buy it, how can you not given the past / fresh content AND Pay Per Views? It's a no brainer.

Tell me more about your Turkish roots.
Well, they are roots, and they are Turkish haha. I was born in Canada but my parents are very proud of their homeland so I learned a lot about it growing up.

As a one time journalism student, I had dreams of being a broadcaster. Can you give any advice to anyone else in a similiar situation to me?
Work hard, learn everything, keep your ears open and listen. Don't be afraid to move to gain valuable experience.

Given your education with Maths and Business, what prompted life as a broadcaster?
It's something I always wanted to do.. so one day I just took a leap of faith and decided to do it. I'm glad I did.
As a journalism student and blogger wanted to interview someone I have admired for some time. Ocal has gone from 'The Wrestling Guy' to doing a column, presenting on TV and I do believe he will go far. The wrestling community on Twitter absolutely adores Ocal's tweets and own hashtag #TheLittleThings because he echoes the thoughts of many fans.

I want to thank Ocal for his time. I feel very blessed.

Victoria xox

Tips and Tricks Of The Blogging/Vlogging World

Hey everyone,

Well this post marks my 99th post. Some folks celebrate different milestones and I shall party because of this one and not 100 posts just to be different, as usual. I do have a very special post later on today for my 100th post though, so it is kind of special. *rambling Irish woman shut up*

If you know me, which you might not, then you will know I studied Journalism back home in Ireland. After a year and a half I left the course due to personal reasons and never returned to any form of Journalism. What a shame. I get many comments on my Twitter about how my blog is so well written and when I put a post up, it's as if I'm speaking to you in person. That is a great compliment. Dumbing down your writing is hard and takes time. You do not want to sound immature or illiterate.


I want to give you some insight into how I blog and how I do YouTube videos. Before I continue, this is my advice and you do not have to take it, read it or apply it to you or your blog/channel.

Follow the beat of YOUR own drum. You should never feel afraid to write about a subject or feel afraid to post something because you might not get followers or people might be mean. The more honest you are with your readers and general audience, the more people can relate to you. Be you and always be that. Same applies with YouTube and your content there.

Keep the content interesting. I prefer to read a blog that has a bit of everything, lifestyle/fashion/beauty etc. I personally need to apply this to my blog so I cannot harper on about it too much. I do try and mix it up with a fashion post, wishlist, nail art post or even a TAG! This is a good way of letting your readers/viewers get to know you.

Sponsored posts. I personally have never had a sample sent to me. I have never been contacted either. I did however do a Valentine's Date post with an online company and did it to push myself. I got no recognition from them or any gifts but it pushed my mind to more than the usual makeup idea. I don't mind reading a sponsored post but not every single darn day. If you're lucky enough to be sent something then review what you want and what you think your readers/viewers will benefit from. Clearly marking a sponsored product is also just a nice touch. Many use **. I think more than 2 sponsored posts a week can be too much, that's just me.

This is probably the second most important step after the writing. PHOTOGRAPHS. These babies are so important. I have often used my iPad for pictures (see my MAC Diva post), edited them on Picsart on my iPad and made sure they suited my blog and were clear. I hate small pictures and blurry pictures and I know from #bbloggers chat, others do as well. My advice is to always make them LARGE or EXTRA LARGE so they can be seen. Take pictures from a few different angles and really go into depth so it can be seen.

SWATCHES. Oh my word this is always a funny topic on #bbloggers chat. I personally don't mind if there's no lip swatch with a lip product. I will generally look it up myself be it on Google or Temptalia. If you are swatching something then I would suggest, like above, a decent amount of pictures to highlight the product. If you're on video doing this then hold it to the camera for about 7secs to be seen fully. Emily Noel told me that haha.

WRITING. This is the most important step to your blog. As I mentioned before I do feel blessed to have the writing gene. I have a creative mind. I don't like reading an over detailed post that goes on and on. Filling the post with punchy sentences, matter of facts points and breaks between paragraphs makes the post easier to read and looks better overall. If you need help with writing, always ask another blogger. I love helping. Another tip is to read the post out loud to yourself before posting. Does it write how you want it to sound?

In regards to YouTube I would always say be knowledgeable. I am Irish and I am guilty of speaking too quickly so I always have to be aware of my accent. Hold swatches for up to 7/10 seconds so people can see. Push your own boundaries and be happy doing your videos. Never do YouTube expecting to be like the big time gurus, be you and that will get you far.

I hope this post was helpful. I am no expert but I am of an age where I think I have age advice haha. My blog is my space where I write about what I want to. I have however had some critique from others because I review products too often or I don't promote myself enough. I personally want my blog to grow because I am good at it. I recognise the flaws with variation on topics and believe me there are big changes happening this month on Victoria Earls.

Have a wonderful day.

Victoria xox

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Barry M 'SILK' Nail Paint

Hey guys,

Hope you're all well considering the yoyo weather. Stay safe. Today I have a gorgeous nail polish to show you and it's NEW to the High St/Drugstore.

I saw these bad boys on Barry M's instagram and thought wow how different.

I do believe these were released within the last three days and they were sold out in my Superdrug. I went in today (Sat) and there was the one I have and one of the blue which is named Mist. I have quite a few Barry M blue polishes as it is so went with Pearl.

The packaging is the same as normal but with silk in gold writing and a little cute bow detail. I love it. I am a fan of the Barry M bottles as they're not to big but sturdy. Easy to store as well. I have many of their polishes and store them side by side and they look awesome.

This picture is one coat. I also have a base coat underneath. It is a little bit streaky.

This is two coats and I hadn't tidied up around my nail area. Looks so lovely. They apply well and the formula is a thinner one than what I am used to with Barry M. I love the matte finish of these but it almost feels like a satin/matte finish. They dry quite easily but give them a good few minutes if you're layering coats.

These gorgeous babies retail for £3.99 and are available here or in any Superdrug. I haven't a clue when they go into Boots but let's hope it's soon. I need to try some more colours soon. Jeepers Barry M and Essie rule my nail polish collection haha.

Have you tried these yet? Let me know.

Victoria xox

Friday, 14 February 2014

MAC 'Diva' Lipstick

Hey guys,

Well the other day in MAC in Cardiff I traded in some empties for a lipstick. I love that you can do that with MAC. It was such a hard decision and my left hand was covered in swatches. Crazy times haha.

Excuse the pictures, I took them on my iPad in the hotel. I needed to use the lipstick that night. Yes I needed to haha.

I don't have a particular shade of colour that I love more than anything else. I have reds, pinks, nudes, berry shades and so forth. When it comes to finish, I do prefer a matte finish. I find they last longer and just look nice on my lips.

I was genuinely torn between Diva and Please Me, which is weird considering Diva is a dark shade and Please Me is a pinky/nude. I am weird haha.

I would consider this shade as the ultimate vampy shade. Such a gorgeous burgundy/maroon shade. I think, and I could be wrong, the undertone is neutral but some may say it has a slight red undertone. I do think this lipstick would suit everyone. If you want to vamp up a look or go for a dark lipstick just for fun, then get Diva. If you don't want to go as dark as Cyber that is.

On my lip swatch there is a shine from the sun. Oops. You can see it's dark but nothing unwearable. The staying power is awesome, I got about 6 hours. It felt comfortable on my lips and didn't feel dry. It held its own against the wind and rain so YAY!

I'm super happy with this buy, well reward. It is sold out on the MAC website but is in store.

Have a good day,

Victoria xox

Monday, 10 February 2014

Question Time with TALKBECKYTALK from YouTube

Morning everyone,

I cannot believe the sun is shining today, feels like we never see it anymore. I asked the wonderful Becky Sheeran AKA TalkBeckyTalk if I could ask her some questions and she was more than lovely about it.
For those who don't have a YouTube or don't know you too well, give us a quick description of you in less than 10 words.

Chatty, bubbly and love makeup, tea and sparkly things!

Tell me your favourite movie and your favorite band.
Movie: Finding Nemo!

Band: The Script
If you could live any kind of lifestyle be it extravagant or not, what would it be?
I'd love to live on a beach selling shell bracelets and be by the sea all day!
What I love about your channel is the variety of videos, is it hard to be consistent on ideas without sticking to just one theme?

Sometimes it's hard to know what people will like. I always have lots of ideas but have to remember just because I like them not everyone will! I try to stay true to myself :)
I love my tea, like you, but only drink normal tea. I miss my Irish tea :( What's your three favourite kinds of tea?

Oooh my 3 fave teas! Definitely chai, English breakfast and also brioche which is a new one I've just found - I love loose leaf tea the best! And all with lots of milk! 

If you could create a YouTube house and had to pick 5 YouTubers to live with, excluding Holly and Fleur, who would you pick?

This is a tough one!! Ooh I can't leave anyone out! It would have to be Tati (Glamlifeguru), Nikki (NikkiPhillippi), Ingrid (missglamorazzi), Elle fowler, Tanya Burr, Amelia Liana, Gemma (Gemsmaquillage)...I hate choosing!!!
Going forward what can be expect from you?

Well 2014 is going to see lots of change. First of all I'm now doing more videos each week which I'm really enjoying, lots are going to be with my sister Holly as we live together. I also want to do more baking, I love cupcakes and used to do cooking on my channel! Finally some people may know I was working as a presenter at the BBC. I have left there now to join another TV channel so I'll be announcing very soon which one, I'm so excited!

What do you look for when wanting to watch new YouTube channels?

I love watching people who are full of energy and seem happy! I also love watching singers and musicians, there are some amazing artists on YouTube with incredible voices I could watch them all day!

Can you give some advice to any newbies? Like me.

Advice would be to work as hard as you can and never give up. Life is full of disappointment, rejection and hard work but if you find something you love it will eventually happen for you. Follow your dreams, don't ever do something that makes you unhappy! And most of all be true to who you are. Sometimes there are parts of me that people don't like, but if we were all the same the world would be boring!! As for starting up a channel, the hardest thing is filming the first video and uploading...once that's done, the rest is history!!!

I cannot tell you how happy I am that Becky agreed to this and arghh pinch me. I love her channel and the variety of videos and how they are happy and upbeat. I am also a huge tea drinker, I am Irish after all, and will be forever so I can definitely relate to her there and she has a closeness with her family and friends that I too have. 

Check out her channel here.  You will not regret it.

Lots of love,
Victoria xox 

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Valentine's Gift Ideas | Ladies and Gents Edition

Hello hello,

Well with that day of the year coming up, yes Valentine's Day. I thought I would do a gift guide and instead of doing two separate posts, I thought one was a better idea. Here we go then.

When it comes to getting men a gift for V Day, it's not always easy to choose. I mean they may tell you what they want, but there's always a chance of the answer being a tad rude. Haha. I chose a few items that go for the everyday normal guy.

Adidas trainers, Vans, Garmin training watch, Guess watch,  Zico denim jacket and Rungspun leather jacket. Click here for prices etc. I picked the above because men love fitness either at the gym or outside of the gym, the Garmin is a great way to time and keep track of fitness levels etc. The Adidas trainers are great for beginner gym goers or runners as they have a nice elevated heel to protect the feet. The two jackets would look amazing on any guy, anytime of the year. I love Vans and I know a tonne of guys who do as well, classy and not dressy. The watch just oozes manliness and yes haha.

Onto the ladies.

Women are a nightmare to buy for SOMETIMES. That's the truth and don't deny it. I chose some cute items that I think most girls would like. All prices here.

The flower bracelet is so on trend for the forthcoming S/S season and just look at it. Gorgeous. As we are in between the Winter/Spring time I thought this jacket from River Island was perfect. The weather here in the UK is insane so it would definitely be used a tonne. I love Dolce & Gabbana's perfume 'The One' it is the nicest high end perfume. Any makeup addict would love this luxurious Tom Ford trio. I think I've seen this in my dreams tonnes haha. The Jeffrey Campbell pumps just scream girly but edgy. Finally, the cute bag. I don't think I've seen cuter bags from Accessorize. Their new Spring bags are gorgeous but this is the nicest practical one in the collection.

I hope this gave you some inspiration.

Lots of love,
Victoria xox 

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Valentine's Day Ideas with Paul Fredrick

Well hello everyone,

Today I want to capture your imagination and get you into the romantic side of life. Valentine’s Day is approaching rapidly and I wanted to give you three ideas for a different kind of date. I have taken into consideration that not everyone, me included, loves this slush fest of a day, hehe.

I was contacted by a company Paul Fredrick to write this post. Go check out their blog too. It's awesome. If you need tips on how to dress your man for the day, this site is perfecto!!

Date 1:

Valentine’s Day should be fun and not taken too seriously. I felt a day time date is perfect for those in a new relationship or a first time date. If you had a nearby forest or national park that you could take a picnic and go walking around that could be nice and yet still romantic to a degree. Bringing your camera and snapping selfies of each other brings a close factor to the date. Choosing expensive nibbles as opposed to supermarket sandwiches, sparkling fruit juice instead of plain juice or even a mini bottle of champers. Providing you’re of the legal age limit.

Date 2:

For the more relaxed couple that have been together longer than six months, I felt a dressed up date was appropriate. I feel that a night at the theatre, followed by dinner and some drinks would be the way forward. I also think because the couple would have been together longer, a spontaneous decision with the theatre and food would be best. That way it’s keeping things fresh and unexpected, not clichéd at all.

Date 3:

For the married or long term couple, it’s very hard to decide what’s romantic and not like an everyday routine. If it were me I would personally book a random night away to a city or town close by that’s been on the wish list for some time. For me here in the UK, it would be Liverpool or Bournemouth. Like date two, keeping things spontaneous keeps it special and fresh, not boring. 

When it comes to stepping away from the clichéd dates, I think wearing the opposite to your usual clothes and makeup wins. Getting excited for the reverse to a normal evening will keep the momentum going and you’ll enjoy yourself even more. Unfortunately, the clichés can and do work but it’s up to you to switch it up and be different.

I hope you all enjoy V Day, or Victoria Day, as I like to call it. Be fresh and different and don’t be boring!! 

Lots of love,
Victoria xox 

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Leopard Print Inspired Nail Art | Essie Edition

Hey guys,

Well I have been quite plain with my nails lately. Not plain with the colours but my lack of nail art is shocking. I use to do all sorts of designs on my nails so I definitely want to get back into it.

I have mentioned previously that I love whacky and bold colours so today I went for that. Hehe.

You will need some patience for this design on your nails, just be forewarned.

The polishes I am using are: Essie 'Forever Yummy' and 'The More The Merrier', Sally Hensen Base & Top Coat and a Barry M black nail art pen. You can of course use any colours you want.

I applied one base coat and two coats of the green polish. I wanted to make sure there were no lines or streaky effects. This green is so gorgeously vibrant.

When you have finished and it's dry, apply dots or splashes of the red to each nail. You don't want to be too clean either. Let that dry for a few minutes.

You then want to take the nail art pen, above, and fill around those dots/splashes but don't complete a circle around them. I love this pen because you have tonnes of control with it. It doesn't dry up easy and I prefer the marker pen.

To finish I applied the base and top coat again. Mine did turn out a tad messy in places, I blame watching Pretty Little Liars on that haha.

I hope this way enjoyable and if you recreate it, let me know. It's good to have a bit of fun with your nails sometimes.

Be safe in that weather wherever you are.

Lots of love,
Victoria xox